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My first interaction with Virtual Reality

VR is Here to Stay

Virtual and augmented reality are huge fields and the rate of change can be breathtaking at times. Here at TheVRWay we aim to cover the field top to tail. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main areas you can find to expect on the site.

Industry News

As a field, virtual reality has attracted a fascinating mix of existing online giants and under the radar startups all competing to take the technology to the next level. We’ll keep you bang up to date on the latest industry news from updates on Google Cardboard to what’s coming down the track with Facebook’s Oculus Rift. We’ll also keep you posted on the latest wave of innovative virtual reality startups attracting serious investments worldwide.

Virtual Reality Headsets

The science is in the software but the magic is in the devices at this stage of the virtual reality revolution and that’s nowhere more true than with headsets. The technology here is changing literally every month with new releases from industry giants such as Samsung, Sony and many other household names.

We’ll give you complete breakdowns of the latest virtual reality headset devices in terms of price, features, full technical specs and trustworthy user reviews.

Virtual Reality Hand Sets

Headsets are at the core of the virtual reality display experience but input modes are just as crucial. We’re still in the early stages of seeing what’s possible in terms of hand-controlled input devices but controllers, gloves and other technologies have already made great strides forward.

The days of idly waving a joystick around to control your virtual world are disappearing fast and new technologies like data gloves, force feedback handset devices and 3D controllers are starting to rule the roost. As with headsets, we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest hot devices and give you complete product breakdowns to help you make the right choice.

Virtual Reality Running Platforms

For the promise of virtual reality to really be delivered, running platforms are almost certainly going to have to come into the mix at some stage. Even the early models currently available offer the possibility of true full-body immersion in virtual worlds. They also promise to revolutionise the world of fitness. Stay tuned to our virtual reality device updates here at TheVRWay and we’ll keep you up to speed on how this exciting part of the virtual reality puzzle develops.

Future Devices

Our focus is on current virtual reality devices but the field is expanding every day. Motion capture suits and other advanced forms of motion tracking are steadily moving towards being available to ordinary consumers. At TheVRWay we’ll keep one eye firmly fixed on the future with a view to bringing you news of whole new classes of virtual reality devices well before you’ll hear about them from mainstream media.

Virtual Reality Games

Gaming has been the engine driving much of virtual reality research on both the software and device level so you can be sure that we’ll also be providing you with full reviews and breakdowns of all the latest cutting-edge titles.

Get In Touch!

Your feedback is crucially important to us here at TheVRWay and we simply wouldn’t be able to run the site without it. Please feel free to get in touch with comments, questions, and suggestions about any and all aspects of virtual reality and augmentation at any time. We’d love to hear from you!

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