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Check your XML documents for well-formedness and validity across the network or locally via a Graphical User Interface!

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Note to Mac OS X users: You should use my native Mac OS X app XML Nanny instead.

GooeySAX is a cross-platform tool that wraps an underlying SAX parser (Apache Xerces, to be exact) in a Java Swing interface. Use GooeySAX to parse XML documents on your local file system or across the network to determine their Well-Formedness.

With the optional Validity setting enabled, you may also validate your document against a DTD. New in version 2.0 -- W3C XML Schema validation support as well!

GooeySAX is the perfect tool for the web author who cares! Checking your XHTML document's validity either locally or remotely is a snap, and GooeySAX's detailed error messages let you know about those embarassing validation errors immediately.

GooeySAX is easy to use... select an XML document for parsing in one of three ways:

  1. Type a URL into GooeySAX's System ID location bar.
  2. Select File menu -> Browse... to browse for a file on your local system.
  3. Drag a file from you local system onto the GooeySAX window.

Then select the Validate checkbox if you wish to validate your document against a DTD. How do you select the DTD against which to validate? Easy! Simply declare the DTD in your document's Doctype Declaration or declare the XML Schema instance as normal... GooeySAX will figure out the rest!

Finally, click the Parse button and watch the results appear.

GooeySAX is developed by Todd Ditchendorf. Have feedback? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..